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Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas are they not part of the American dream for most families? The average American family a Mother a Father  two children and a dog living in a nice comfortable home in small town suburbia.

Well maybe I am living in the past a little but is that not the assumed definition of the average American family?

Well the purpose of this site is not to try and describe today's version of the family unit this is the place to come for any and all of your needs as they relate to swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and accessories.

Having a swimming pool in the backyard is a dream held by most kids and adults as well. I know that I could not go one season without my swimming pool and whenever I book a reservation at a hotel or motel the first question out of my mouth is; Do you have a pool or hot tub?    hot tub

A swimming pool helps to bring the family together. What's better than having the family get together for a nice cookout where everyone can enjoy the comfort of the cool water on a hot summer day?

And then for those cold snowy nights there's the soothing steamy water of a beautiful indoor or outdoor hot tub or spa.

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