Automatic Pool Vacuum

by Micheal Stevens

Most pool owners would agree that it’s not an exaggeration to say that the invention of automatic pool cleaners revolutionized swimming pool maintenance.  While keeping swimming pools clean is extremely important for a variety of reasons, in the past pool maintenance was time-consuming and often involved hard work.  Now, however, with the help of automatic […]

Aquabot Pool

by Micheal Stevens

Aquabot Pool Each year saunas are becoming more popular. And many people are finding that they can save large amounts of cash by going online to buy a sauna. Even though you have to factor in the cost of shipping, often online saunas end up being a bargain. And you can find sauna sales all […]

Cleaner Pool

by Micheal Stevens

Cleaner Pool No matter what size your pool is, it requires the maintenance. Until you have owned the pool, you won’t know how hard it is. There are many pool cleaners that can help with maintaining the pool cleanness and the Zodiac Pool Cleaners is one of those. The problem with most pools is the […]

Pool Rover The cheapest way to heat your pool is to uses the free heat of the sun, but the initial out lay for the kit is quite high. Lets have a look at whats needed to heat a pool, and how it can be done on a budget. Every solar heating system takes pool […]

Swimming Pool Cleaner

by Micheal Stevens

Swimming Pool Cleaner Automatic pool cleaners are expectantly part of the most supported varieties of these swimming pool devices. This is probably because of the highest comfort it delivers to its users. Owning this type of pool cleaner reduces the point for cleaning the entire pool while increasing the time to have pleasure and relax […]

Aquabot Turbo

by Micheal Stevens

Aquabot Turbo Through years of trial and error, research, testing and input from plaster manufactures and specialty chemical companies the following recommendations have been adopted by most of the pool industry as a standard for fire-ups. Fill pool continuously until water reaches water-line tile. (garden hose works best unless you prefer the bucket method) Starting […]