automatic pool vacuum

Automatic Pool Vacuum

by Micheal Stevens

Most pool owners would agree that it’s not an exaggeration to say that the invention of automatic pool cleaners revolutionized swimming pool maintenance.  While keeping swimming pools clean is extremely important for a variety of reasons, in the past pool maintenance was time-consuming and often involved hard work.  Now, however, with the help of automatic […]

Automatic Pool Cleaner Have you ever fell in your pool from trying reach that hard to clean spot in the middle of the pool? Are you tired of your arms and back hurting from hours of pushing and pulling the pole around? Well those are some of the many reason why you should buy an […]

Automatic Pool

by Micheal Stevens

Automatic Pool One of the biggest annoyances with owning a pool is that it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly, even if you don’t use it. It’s the equivalent of having a pet that you still need to take care of when you’re on vacation. Somebody has to maintain the pool to make sure […]